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Handmade and fair trade sterling (925/1000) silver and 18k gold plated gemstone jewelry
Store in the center of Amsterdam '9streets area'

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Sas Design Jewelry Store

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Green onyx and pearl drop earrings – E13114


Lange dunne groene onyx druppel oorbellen met een klein wit pareltje,
oorhangers zonder slotje,
in een chic klassieke stijl,
materiaal is 18k verguld/plated sterling zilver,

totale lengte is 33mm (3.3cm),
afmeting van de witte parel, met de zetting gemeten, is 3mm,
lengte van de groene onyx is 20mm (2cm),
and 10mm (1cm) breed,

de groene onyx is facet geslepen en glinstert licht,
groene onyx is een melkig groene kwarts en lijkt op smaragd.

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Long thin green onyx drop earrings with a tiny white pearl,
earrings with no lock,
chic and classic style,
material is 18k plated sterling silver,

total length is 33mm (3.3cm),
measurement of the white pearl with setting is 3mm,
length of the green onyx is 20mm (2cm),
and 10mm (1cm) wide,

the green onyx is facet cut so it will shine with light and the sun,
a green onyx is a milky green quarts and looks like emerald.